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princess gypsie
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more to come when they're off the camera.

as a request, i shall be back. i should write this ridiculously long thing to sum up what my life has been... but i won't.

a few important points instead...

1. i am no longer with the ass. i am now with wonderful. we're getting married in january.

2. i am no longer in orlando. i'm back home in brooksville. and that makes me a happy and relaxed girl.

3. i'm back in school for about the 345793847593475 time. i'm at usf now. doing well enough too. lots of work but it's all good.

4. any questions... e-mail me and i'll answer them.

Current Mood: contentcontent

so i guess this is the most random thing i've done in a while. myspace is far too addicting and i have ignored my lj. shame on me...

life is alright. busy with work and soon to be school again. i'll be happy when i go back on the 28th. i need something to do with my time.

other than that, life is pretty straightforward. go to work thursday, friday, and saturday. sleep and be homely on sunday through wednesday.

i read far too much.

going to ucf instead of uf. not ready to leave orlando yet. i thought i was, but i love my family here too much. i start to tear up just thinking of leaving. plus, ucf now has an actual event management program. and a public relations program. i'll miss out on the whole horse aspect, but i'll find something. there has got to be something there.

bah. i'm going to bed. i have to work tomorrow.

so yeah... totally forgot to list my 6 things... so here they are. oh, and btw, they aren't in any specific order...

1. vinny and leon. god they make my every freakin' day. they really and truly do. i don't know what i'd do with my life if i didn't have them to love and cherish every single day. i miss them when i'm gone and i can't get enough of them when i'm home.

2. my gliders. they aren't nearly as fun as my dogs, but they still make me happy. i get so excited when i put my hand in there and one of them lets me pet him/her or pick him/her up. that always makes my night. they're sooooo soft and i can't wait until my house is all settled so that i can actually start playing with them again!

3. my bed. this is just a given. i <3 my bed. it's usually me and my dogs snuggled up in there every night. it's absolutely heavenly with clean sheets and my incredibly soft down comforter. there is nothing more i love than to be sniggled into my bed with a good book and my dogs.

4. reading. i really will read just about everything. there is something so incredibly satisfying about turning the page in a book you simply cannot put down. i love stories and i hope to someday write my own book.

5. my family. just being around my family in general makes my day. i love them so very much. my mom, my sister, my brother, and even brian. they entertain me. my extended family as well. my aunt margo and my grandma are just so awesome. i could spend a weekend with anyone in my family and never feel bored. my only wish is that i got to see them more often.

6. school. doing well in school has really brought back so much of what i was looking for in my life. i feel so much better about myself and the way things are going in my life. i was really unahppy with everything but now that i'm back in school and i have a purpose, things are starting to look up again.

well, back to working. i think ms. sierra lynn is ready for her lunch now!

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: scott screaming at college football in the living room

atlanta falcons @ buffalo bills
carolina panthers @ miami dolphins
cincinnati bengals @ chicago bears
cleveland browns @ indianapolis colts
jacksonville jaguars @ new york jets
new orleans saints @ minnesota vikings
oakland raiders @ philadelphia eagles
tampa bay bucs @ green bay packers
tennessee titans @ st. louis rams
arizona cardinals @ seattle seahawks
dallas cowboys @ san francisco 49ers
new england patriots @ pittsburgh steelers
new york giants @ san diego chargers

kansas city chiefs @ denver broncos

good luck to everyone!

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: lonestar - mr. mom

massive friends cut... if you still want to read my completely random shit... let me know! :)

it's so nice to actually be able to understand statistics after just reading through the definitions and working the examples along with the book.

i amaze myself sometimes... =)

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: quiet

not much going on right now. just watched the first disc in the extended return of the king set. i'm at my mom's obviously. nic isn't happy that i didn't go home tonight. as we all know though, i kinda like being here. it's nice here. i get to fight with my brother and sister and have my mom yell at me. just like old times. hehe

kinda not looking forward to going home tomorrow. leslie is nothing more than a dickhead. i fucking hate him.

dyed my hair this evening. cut it this weekend as well. it's a brown-reddish color. i like it. it isn't a brassy red either. it's a really rich brown with red tones.

my mom got a new van. it has like 8,800 miles on it. it's a chevy astro. it's really nice actually. everyone fits in it comfortably. unlike the explorer where the people sitting on the outside had to lift a cheek to get the door closed. lol that was funny though. my mom had to get out and close the door because it was me, jake, and lydia squished into the back of a 93' explorer. our fat asses didn't fit well to say the least.

brian was all nicey-nicey on new year's eve. that kind of freaked me out considering that we never speak to each other. he was all putting his arm around my shoulders and talking to me about all this random shit. it was so odd. he rarely even acknowledges my presence. i think he had just a few too many that night.

the guy who bought tasha came and picked up the rest of her stuff. kinda pissed me off considering that there wasa lot of nice stuff in there that i didn't want to go with her. a lot of nice saddle pads i could have sold on e-bay that brian just handed to the guy. stupid fucker. errr at least i got my professional's choice sports medicine boots. bah. i do want to go see her. maybe next time i'm here. i'll take her some bread. she loves that stuff. especially the wheat bread. (like her mommy.)

bah. i'm going to bed now i think. i have to get up early and pack my stuff and my car. i think i'm leaving around 5 or so tomorrow so i can get home in time to make my taco soup for dinner.

Current Mood: crankycranky
Current Music: van wilder in the background

My dog escaped yesterday and I was completely unable to catch him. I lost sight of him and I haven't seen him since. I live off of Science Drive in Knight's Landing.

-light brown with a white chest
-about 40 pounds
-lab/boxer mix
-biggest underbite in the world

He comes to a whole list of names: Pete, Peter, Poop, Poopie, Petey Pie, Pooper.

If anyone sees him please grab him and call me. (352) 442 - 1328.

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Current Mood: worriedworried

I hate you so bad
You are the "I hate you so bad" happy bunny.
You hate everyone and eveything
and you're not ashamed of it.

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